Monday, July 26, 2010

C. sp 'Belitung 1', West Belitung

Since we already played merry go round on the plane from Jakarta to Belitung in the morning, we wasted no time to look for a hotel to deposit our belongings to commence with our hunt. It was a nice hotel with large room and attached toilet.

We had fresh lo mai kai (a.k.a. steamed glutinous rice with chicken) and lime juice for lunch in a Chinese owned coffee shop.
We searched along the western side of Belitung on our first day. After a few streams, we located our first cryptocoryne of the day.
The habitat is a muddy stream with low pH.
From the Internet, cryptocoryne species which could be found on Belitung included C. fusca and C. bangkaensis. Were these specimens either one of the two stated above? We were not able to locate any flower to confirm their identity accurately. My friend thought that the specimens with just their leaves reminded him of C. xpurpurea.What do you think?

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