Saturday, September 25, 2010

Searching for hill stream cryptocoryne in Endau Rompin...

I went with my explorer friend to search for hill stream cryptocorynes in Endau Rompin based on a photograph (below is a photograph of the photograph) I saw on the Internet of a stream which seemed to have its bottom covered with cryptocorynes.
Below is a short summary of our search.
0200hrs - reached home finally after a long night boozing with colleagues...
0430hrs - alarm rang, dragged myself out of bed and commence the long journey towards Endau Rompin, felt like dying
0530hrs - entered Malaysia Peninsula, ate my favourite prata for breakfast, still very sleepy
 0945hrs - finally reached Endau Rompin
The many rivers and streams we searched in the state reserve forest, from rocky hill streams to swampy / sandy lower streams to wide rivers.
We even managed to find the exact stream in the 1st photograph but to our dismay, there wasn't any cryptocorynes to be found!!!
All we found were these, blue fern, piptospatha, beautiful moss, orange coral fungus, etc but no cryptocorynes.....
We met our close friend, Mr Lee C. H. in the forest and provided his family with lunch.
1400hrs - gave up on our search for hill stream cryptocoryne and left the forest to the nearest larger city for  a late lunch of Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice). Decided to call it a day and slept early.
0500hrs - woke up early to travel to another far away entrance of Endau Rompin.
0900hrs - reached the entrance to the swampy edge of the forest
We searched a few more hill stream with sandy / rocky base but could not locate any cryptocorynes as well.
1130hrs - gave up on our search in Endau Rompin and went to have lunch. Gave Mr Lee C. H. a lift out of the forest.
Was the failure to locate hill stream cryptocoryne due to us or was it due to Endau Rompin? Cryptocoryne hunting is never always smooth sailing, especially when you decide to hunt in uncharted territories....

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