Sunday, October 17, 2010

Adding gibberellin

Faced with a drought in having cultivated spathes for more than a year already and some species are suffering from stunted growth despite fertilisation, I decided to add some commercial gibberellin to my cultivated tank to see if there will be any improvement in the general health and flowering of the cryptocorynes. See these links for more information regarding the effects of gibberellin on cryptocorynes (research paper, Ghazanfar Ghori's blog)
The instructions advised adding 1ml of plant gibberellin for every 50L of water. I am currently adding 5 drops into my tank water (about 3 inches high) plus 1 drop to the root area of those specimens which i hope to see flowering (especially those collected without accurate identification of species) weekly.
Lets wait and see if there will be any effects.

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Hermes said...

I've heard of good effects so await your results with interest.