Thursday, April 2, 2009

C. affinis 'West Pahang'

We managed to locate a new location (i.e. new to us) for C. affinis in west Pahang too. This is not surprising since we had also found the same species in some other locations along west Pahang previously. This new location is along a flowing stream near to a house. According to our experience, it is quite common to find cryptocorynes in such streams where the villagers staying nearby would make use of the stream for bathing, washing clothes, "toilet" (more nutrient???), etc.

We had the luck to locate not just a carpet C. affinis, but a carpet of "BLOOMING" C. affinis! The sight which greeted us was magnificent, there were more than 10 twisted fully opened red spathes erecting out of the water, waving in an welcoming manner as the water gushed around them .

The leaves of the C. affinis here are as usual bullated and mainly greenish in colour. However, their main vein in the centre of the leaf has a much lighter hue.

The base of the stream is sandy and the stream's pH is slightly alkaline, about 7.2.

We cut a fully opened spathe as well as a unopened spathe for comparison. Ants were found in the kettle of the fully opened spathe, they are part of nature's pollinator team.

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