Wednesday, April 8, 2009

C. elliptica 'Penang'

I received my purchase today - C. elliptica 'Penang'.
As expected, the leaves of C. elliptica drop easily.
Being viviparous, the base of the petiole of the leaf is where new plantlet would grow out from.
The base of the plants is surrounded by cataphylls. This is another characteristic which in my opinion is rather typical for C. elliptica.
The new leaf being soft and thin and should be a submersed leaf. This should had been a submersed specimen before I acquired it.


TS said...

i though you went to the site yourself.

illumbomb said...

Hi TS,

The previous photographs were showing the the natural habitat in Perak. I have not been to the Penang site or the Kedah site, but I heard that the Kedah site could possibly be affected by new developments.

T S Wang