Sunday, April 12, 2009

Relocating C. pontederiifolia due to lack of space

My current three cultivation tanks are full now I am taking all measures to slow down the process of needing to set up my 4th (low pH) and 5th (neutral pH) tanks. Apart from re-potting and combining more cryptocorynes of the same species and locality into the same pot, I am going to transfer some of my cryptocorynes species outdoor instead.

C. pontederiifolia is the first to go as I have been growing them outdoor before previously. This time round, I placed them in my small tub pond instead. This is how they looked like after 2 weeks, adapting well in my opinion. However, they are now susceptible to attacks by various pests found in my mom's balcony garden! I am thinking of shifting my C. ferruginea outdoor next.

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