Tuesday, July 14, 2009

C. cordata Kingdom in Rompin

I went with my explorer friend to explore the peat swamp forests in Rompin and we stumbled upon a C. cordata Kingdom! The forests were water logged peat swamp forests with C. cordata covering the entire forest bed, well at least up till the areas which we ventured into.

They were all over, some carpets submersed and some emersed.

We found many specimens of cryptcorynes with different looking leaves, ranging from orbicular and soft like barclaya to cordate to ovate with whitish vein. Were they all C. cordata or a mixture of different species? If they were all C. cordata, it then would again be a good example of how varied cryptocoryne can be even though they are the same species in the same environment and how difficult it could be to identify crpytocorynes correctly without finding an attached opened spathe.

The forest bed was muddy and the pH of the water was about 5.0 to 5.5.

Below are the photographs of the bright yellow spathes.

As usual, we cut open some spathes to take a few close up shots of the male and female flowers.

So is this C. cordata var. cordata found in Peninsula Malaysia?

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