Saturday, July 18, 2009

C. sp. 'Lingga Island' location 14 cryptocpryne flowering

My friend invited me over to his place to view the open spathe of a collected specimen of C. sp. "Lingga Island' from location 14 (his code). It was a spathe with red limb and as expected, the limb was covered with protuberances. I managed to snap a few photographs to share with you.


Xema said...

Really looks as a new species.


illumbomb said...

Thanks Xema,

It could be but that will eventually depend on the expert's review and findings. I intially named it as C. cf. scurrilis 'Lingga Island' but after my explorer friend collected the actual C. scurrilis from the Indragiri river in the Riau province, I compared and felt that they looked quite different so decided to rename them as C. sp. "Lingga Island' instead first.