Saturday, August 29, 2009

C. bullosa 'Sungai Seblak'

We managed to locate Sungai Seblak (not Sibiak) in Sarawak. I read on the Internet that this river had C. bullosa and the information was correct.

C. bullosa could be found growing on the islands in the river.

The pH of the water was about 5.5 and the river bed was sandy.

The submersed specimens seemed to be growing better than the emersed specimens.

The below are some close up shots of the strongly bullated greenish leaves with white centre veins.

From the below photograph, you probably could guess that these cryptocorynes were deeply rooted. Again, only the limb of the spathe we located was protruding out of the river bed, we had to dig out the specimen to be able to take the photographs of the entire spathe.

The below is the photograph of an immature seed pod.
As usual, we cut open the spathe to take the photographs of the internal female and male flower. As the collar of the spathe was close to the river bed, the river water could easily enter the kettle as can be deduced from the wet internal walls of the kettle.

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