Sunday, August 30, 2009

C. sp. 'Lingga 6' flowers

My explorer friend went back to Lingga Island recently and located some new cryptocoryne habitats as well as collected some spathes of cryptocorynes from locations he found previously. I had the honour to be invited to take some photographs of some of these spathes.

The photographs featured below are for C. sp. 'Lingga 6'. The limb is yellow in colour and covered with protuberances, similar to many of the cryptocorynes found on Lingga Island. There is a distinctive red collar present too. My friend also termed this as 'bi-colour', you can see his blog for more photographs of its natural environment.

The front and underside of the leaves:

The immature spathe:

The matured spathe with folded limbs, maybe due to disturbance during transportation?

The kettle was cut open to reveal the male and female flowers as usual:

Is this a new species / varieties or should it be regarded as an existing species / varieties? We shall let the experts decide.

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