Tuesday, August 11, 2009

C. sp. 'Singkep Island 3' spathe

My explorer friend passed me a specimen of C. sp. 'Singkep Island 3'. Below are some photographs of the leaves.

He had a flowering specimen and invited me to take some photographs of the spathe. I thought that it would look like that of C. sp. 'Lingga Island' but I was wrong! It looked more like the spathe of C. schulzei instead. However, when we cut the kettle, my friend felt that the female portion of the flower looked like that of C. xtimahensis.

Be it C. schulzei or C. xtimahensis, it proved that the distribution of such species is much wider than what we currently knows (i.e. only in Singapore / Johore). Perhaps it could even be a new species? We will let the experts decide.

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