Saturday, August 8, 2009

C. scurrilis 'Indragiri Hulu Sumatra' update

I have not went for a field trip for more than a month (maybe will make a short trip next weekend to Sarawak?) and have not had any cryptocorynes blooming in my cultivation tanks so I have nothing much to update except maybe some photographs of the leaves of C. scurrilis 'Indragiri Hulu Sumatra' in my cutivation tank:

My explorer friend found 3 different looking types of specimens from around the same location then. Well they might be the same species or different, I can only know when they flower. They are planted in 3 different pots currently as shown below.

The 1st type has browner leaves with reddish underside.

The 2nd type has green leaves which are more elongated with greenish underside.

The 3rd type has green leaves with greenish underside.

I hope they will flower soon.....

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