Saturday, August 22, 2009

C. pallidinervia 'Sibu 2'

We found another patch of cryptocorynes in another black water ditch along the road towards Sibu. From the apperance and location, we guessed that it should be similar to the 1st cryptocoryne we found, C. pallidinervia.

I managed to find a spathe with a rotting limb. Luckily, when I cut open the kettle, the female and male flowers were still well intact. From the short spadix and the purple interior of the kettle wall, I believed we could conclude the identity as C. pallinervia.

We bashed into the forest beside the ditch to see if the cryptocorynes could be found inside the forest and were happy to locate a healthy population of emersed specimens.

The cryptocorynes were growing on the sandy bed of the forest.

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