Thursday, March 11, 2010

C. cf. striolata 'Gunung Besar, South Kalimantan'

In the morning of our last day in south Kalimantan, we located another stream on Gunung Besar with cryptocorynes growing submersed therein.
The cryptocorynes seemed to be similar to the ones we found in another larger river on Gunung Besar. We found a specimen with an attached spathe.
The unopened spathe seemed similar to that of C. striolata, with a long twirling tail at the top of the limb.
The stream bed was sandy and the cool water had high pH of 7.5 to 8.0.
The leaves had a mix of brown and green colour on the upperside and were purple in colour on the underside.
Some of the leaves only had a small green dot at the base while the rest of the leaves were brown in colour.
Long rizhomes were present to help these cryptocoryne be firmly attached to the base of the fast flowing stream.
The spathe opened on the way back to the airport, it opened too widely such that the slit extended well below the throat level.
I managed to record a video of the cryptocorynes under the fast flowing water.

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