Sunday, March 7, 2010

Travelling along the roads of south Kalimantan

Upon arrival at Banjarmasin airport, you would be greeted by this signage when you enter the airport from the air field. Welcome to Banjarmasin!
One of the many churches we saw along the way. There were some towns (i.e. those north of Dayu if I did not remembered wrongly) with dayaks (people indigenous to Borneo) who are Christians forming majority of the population staying there. The warungs (samll casual outdoor restaurants) within such towns might not be Halal and could serve pork (possibly from wild boars) and therefore would not be suitable to stop over for meals if the driver whom you engaged was a Muslim. Be mindful of such details.
A typical wooden house along the road.
Cows grazing along a stream.
A typical road lined with houses on both sides.
Typical paddy field along the roads.
Yet another view of houses along the road. We were quite disappointed with south Kalimantan. There were very few pockets of forests along the main roads for us to explore. The roads were either lined with houses, paddy fields or rubber plantations. Our driver told us that rubber was one of the main economy for many people living in south Kalimantan.
We drove past many mosques with people lined along the road outside the mosques armed with net, trying to gather donations from passer-by for redevelopment of these mosques. Our driver threw a few small notes and coins out of the car window now and then as he drove past them.
A road passing by a large town (i.e. those shown on the map).

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Keep them coming! It's always interesting to see the habitats and other items you note on your adventures!