Saturday, March 13, 2010

The food of South Kalimantan

Our  first meal in south Kalimantan was supper after we managed to rent a car. We had Maggi Goreng (fried instant noodle) in one of the road side warung (casual outdoor restaurant).
We had Banjar Cuisine for lunch the next day. You pick a pre-cooked main dish (either duck, fish or chicken, etc) displayed within the glass cabinet, the store will heat up the main dish by barbequing it and adding some tasty sauce on it.
Plain boiled vegetable would be served with chill based sauce as dip for the vegetable.
A bowl of plain fried shallot soup would be served as well.
This was the chicken main dish I ordered with some additional serving of vegetable.
We had the same type of cuisine for dinner as well. The rice was served in a plastic drain container.
The chill sauce was sweet and had slices of tomatoes added to add on a sour after taste. I had a scrawny duck thigh as the main course.
The 2nd morning breakfast was ate in another wooden road side warung. Coffee was standard Java style coffee with hot water added directly to grounded coffee powder in the cup.
We had dry instant noodle and this was the first time I had seen instant noodle prepared in the below shown method. The seasoning packet was extracted from the main noodle packet, with hot water then poured into the main packet and resealed with the fork. All these packagings were placed in a bowl and filled up with hot water too to further heat up and cook the noodle. After a few minutes, the hot water would be poured away and the seasoning mixed into the softened noodle......
We had Banjar cuisine for lunch again, I had BBQ snakehead this time round.
Dinner in a small warung on Gunung Besar consisted of rice with fried shallots, fried brinjal and sambal chilli fried chicken.
The food in Kanbangan was slightly different, the rice was seved in ketupat form (rice wrapped in a woven palm leaf pouch and boiled). I had sambal chilli fried chicken again as well as 10 sticks of chicken satays served with thick peanut sauce.
Each stick of satay had alternating layers of chicken meat and chicken skin, somewhat similar to Japanese yakitori, very sinful!
Along the road in one of the bigger town near to the airport, there were some road side peddlers selling boxes of snacks to vehicles passing by. We bought a few boxes and found out that the snack was actually kelepon, quite delicious!
Thats all regarding food of south Kalimantan!

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