Monday, March 1, 2010

C. cf. cordata 'Dayu' and C. cf. cordata 'Taminglayang'

This was the 3rd location in Dayu where we found cryptocorynes. The 2nd location was a river with a lady washing her clothes and bathing inside so we did not want to bother her and did not explore that location
At this 3rd location, we found some emersed specimens growing on the banks of the river.
Below was the 4th location where we found cryptocorynes. The location was somewhere near to Taminglayang if I did not remember wrongly. Only submersed specimens were found there.
From the reflections on the water, you could probably guessed where this location was located. Yes, under a bridge. Haven't I told you all before that cryptocoryne hunters are lazy people who only search under the bridges along the main road? Hahahaha.
No spathe was located at both locations but from the location where they were found and the current records available on the internet, we guessed that these specimens should be comparable with C. cordata.

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