Sunday, June 7, 2009

C. ideii or C. ferruginea 'West Kalimantan'???

On the 3rd day of our trip, we reached somewhere where we thought was around the C. ideii "SKx" position shown in the crypt pages. We passed by a forest along the road, which floor level fell as we bashed deeper in until we reached a river inside the forest. There, we spotted clumps of cryptocorynes growing along the muddy banks. The pH of the river water was about 5.5.

"We found it, this must be C. ideii!", I thought when I saw the clumps of cryptocorynes from far. The leaf shape looked rather like that of C. ideii and we were expecting to locate C. ideii around this location.
On closer examination, the leaves had distinct white lines marking along the main vein of the leaves and some markings of different shade of green on the upper side of the leaves. The edges of the leaves are just slightly undulating.

We scrambled to search for a open spathe to confirm the identification and we found 2, one was freshly opened while the other was melting soon. I started to raise doubts when I saw the spathes. "I don't remembered C. ideii having a limb with such thin pointed upper tail, this looked more like a spathe of C. ferruginea which we failed to locate in day 2!", I told my friend.

However, when we cut open the kettle, we realised that the interior wall did not had the deep purple red colour. Instead, it was white in colour like that of C. ideii.

I am confused by the presence of limb with thin pointed tail and yet white interior wall of the kettle! The female flowers looked more like that of C. ideii too as compared to that of C. ferruginea. Should this be C. ideii or C. ferruginea or what? My friend is more inclined towards identifying this as C. ideii. Any expert views and advise on this? Thanks!

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