Friday, June 19, 2009

Some basic guidelines on cryptocoryne cultivation

My friend asked me to pen down some basic guidelines on cryptocoryne cultivation to help further promote the culture locally in Singapore and aid interested hobbyists to kick start their collection. After one night of effort, I managed to put together something:

Page 1: Page 2:
Page 3:
Page 4:

If you have any comments on the article (i.e. wrong sentance structure, grammer and spelling mistakes, incorrect information, etc), do let me know so that I can amend the article to make it more "readable". Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

This is great article. I am in New Zealand and fewpeople here keep crypts let alone attempt to grow for flowers. I am asking for permission to reproduce this article on one of our local forums to help generate more interest here in NZ. I will link directly to this site.Many thanks


illumbomb said...

Hi Simon,

Sure, I have no objection to your below request. Glad to know that more people are getting interested in cultivating cryptocoryne. May I qualify that the article was written based on my limited experience (1 year only) and I might not have recommended the most effective (in terms of cost and quality) methods for cryptocoryne cultivation.

T S Wang