Wednesday, June 17, 2009

C. sp. 'Natuna Island'

My explorer friend went for a short trip to Natuna Island last week and found 6 locations with cryptocorynes within the 1 day time he had to travel around the island. Below are the photographs of the cryptocorynes from these locations. As usual, I will leave it to the experts to determine whether the these cryptocorynes are some already known species, and whether the various locations' specimens are of similar species.

C. sp. 'Natuna 1':
C. sp. 'Natuna 2':
C. sp. 'Natuna 3':
C. sp. 'Natuna 4':
C. sp. 'Natuna 5':
C. sp. 'Natuna 6':

Do visit my friend's blog to view the photographs of their natural habitats and the spathe he found from one of the locality!

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