Sunday, June 28, 2009

C. keei?

This was the 1st location where we found cryptocorynes during our field trip to west Kalimantan. We were expecting to find C. keei or C. cordata var. grabowskii first based on the cryptocoryne distribution map we prepared. Childern were swimming in this river and women were washing clothes right beside this patch of cryptocorynes we found. The river base was sandy and the pH of the water was about 6.5.

The leaves ranged from green to reddish brown in colour.
We found only one opened spathe and this was how the spathe looked. Due to the lack in yellowish colour around the collar, I could not be 100% sure that this was C. keei. We left the identification aside till we got back home so that we could compare it with photographs found on the web sites. My explorer friend thought that it could be compared to C. hudoroi, what do you think?

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