Tuesday, September 15, 2009

C. cordata var. zonata 'Sungai Engkramut'

We located Sungai Engkramut which was known to be the habitat for C. cordata var. zonata. However, we stretched our time too thinly again this trip, trying to cover too many locations within 1 day (i.e. from Sibu back to Kuching). By the time we reached a river before Sungai Engkramut, it was again around 5+pm already.

Cryptocorynes could be found growing submersed in this river. We were not able to find any spathe. The river bed was formed by sandy mud? We forgot to measure the pH... >:-P

Sungai Engkramut's cryptocorynes were growing submersed too. The cryptocoryne specimens located here had more distinctive leaves with white centre veins. The river bed was formed by sandy mud too and we forgot to measure the pH.

Its a pity Sarawak is too far away, if not we would definitely visit these habitats more often until we are able to locate their spathes ourselves to confirm their species instead of just relying on information from the Internet.

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