Friday, September 25, 2009

C. keei 'Jambusan'

Our last target of the day after locating C. ferruginea was C. keei around Jambusan area near to Bau too. This location was quite difficult to locate as we had to travel rather deep pass Jambusan to reach the Kampong (i.e. village) with a river therein where C. keei could be found.

Both submersed and emersed species could be found on the river bed.

The leaves were generally green on both the upper and under sides.

We were lucky to finally find our 2nd species with blooming spathes for this trip (the other was C. striolata which spathe looked very similar to this in my opinion except for the colour).

As usual, we cut the kettle to take photographs of the male and female flowers.

The pH of the water of this river was rather high between 8.0 to 8.5. The river bed consist of mainly sand.
After locating C. keei, we decided to call it a day and drove back to Kuching, passing some limestone hills on the way back.

We had a sumptuous dinner that night (which was our last night for the trip before returning to Singapore the next day) comprising fish fillet fried with black bean sauce, stir fried fern shoot, fried vegetable with egg and fried curry bamboo clams.

As can be seen from the below photograph, we were quite hungry and finished most of the food. The two vegetable dishes were the most delicious in my opinion, remember to try them if you ever go to Sarawak.

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