Saturday, September 12, 2009

C. striolata 'Sungai Assan'

In this trip, we made our way to Sungai Assan too to locate C. striolata, again a search in the Internet would reveal many links on C. striolata found at this river. We did not locate this river in our previous trip as we took an alternative route to Sibu. Below are some photographs of Sungai Assan, the water was shallow at the time of our visit, I am not sure how much the water level would vary say during rainy season.

The pH of the water is about 5.5 to 6 and the river bed is made up of a mixture of sand and small rocks / pebbles?

C. striolata could be found growing in sparse patches across the river bed.
The leaves of the C. striolata here have beautiful markings and the underside of the leaves are very reddish in colour.

We found a few unopened as well as opened spathes. The limb of C. striolata's spathe reminded me of that of C. keei if not for the colour difference. As usual, we cut open the kettle of one of the spathe to photograph the female and male portion of the flower.

There were many riped and opened seed pods too.

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