Friday, September 11, 2009

C. yujii 'Sungai Nibong'

If you searched hard enough in the Internet, you would find records of C. yujii originating from Sungai Nibong near Sibu in Sarawak. This was the 1st cryptocoryne in our target list for this trip. After searching for a while, we finally found the river.

It was a blackwater river flowing out of a forest. The pH of the water is about 4.5 and the river had sandy banks. We spotted some cryptocorynes growing submersed in the water, bingo!

We walked along the banks into the forest to explore the forest. I found some small cryptocorynes growing on the sandy banks as shown below.

We fished out a stalk of submersed cryptocoryne specimen to check, it had a long rizhome.

One of the specimens had an attached unopened spathe as shown below (should be C. yujii right?). The spathe unfortunately melted away within 2 days after collection without opening, sigh...

We rewarded ourselves with a plate of delicious fried noodle each as breakfast at a nearby shop.

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