Thursday, September 3, 2009

C. sp. 'Singkep 6'

My friend passed me a specimen of C. sp. 'Singkep 6' with an attached spathe last week and it opened a few days later. Below are some photographs of the leaves and spathe.
I thought the exterior of the spathe looked like a mix between C. griffithii (in terms of the shape and size of the spathe) and C. sp. 'Lingga' (in terms of the protuberances covered limb). The limb looked as if it would be purplish in colour in the natural habitat and had started to rot a little by the time I decided to photograph it.
I cut open the kettle and took some photographs of the male and female flower (sorry I did not cut properly and destroyed part of the ovary in the process).
So which species does the above specimen belong to???

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