Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to Palau Lingga via Pulau Singkep

After a break of 2 months since going for my 2nd field trip to Sarawak in September 2009, I finally went for another long field trip (4 days 3 nights) last weekend, this time round to Riau Archipelago of Indonesia again with my explorer friend.

In the early morning at 0830hrs (Singapore time), we took a 1hour 45 minutes ferry from Singapore to Tanjong Pinang in Bintan to buy tickets to change to another ferry to reach our destinations. We were planning to go to Pulau Singkep, stay 1 night, then go to Pulau Lingga and stay another 2 nights.

The above photograph showed the Falcon ferry we took to Tanjong Pinang. We had an early lunch of very good Nasi Padang in the restaurant along the domestic ferry terminal, yummy!

At 1130am (Indonesian time), we boarded the smaller ferry and soon was on our way to Pulau Singkep. Luckilym the sea was rather calm that day, we passed by the numerous islands of Riau Archipelago, occasionally stopping at one of the larger fishing villages along the way to drop off goods and passengers.

After about 3 and a half hours, we finally reached Pulau Singkep at about 1500hrs. Scores of porters / ojek (motocycle taxi) drivers / taxi drivers were lining up along the alighting berth waiting to snatch passengers arriving on the ferry.

We wasted no time selecting 2 ojek drivers and negotiated with them to drive us around until evening time before sending us to the town to look for hotel. We were soon on our way to the 1st cryptocoryne location which my friend wanted to show me......

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