Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cryptocoryne sp. 'Lingga 22'

Along the stream banks where we found C. sp. 'Lingga 19 - Platinum Line', we found emersed cryptocorynes growing which did not had any 'Platinum' coloured veins.

The leaves were greenish both on the upper and under sides. We managed to find an opened spathe, the spathe was rather small. The limb of the spathe was reddish in colour with protuberances attached. It had a reddish throat too.
We cut open the spathe when we were back in the hotel to photograph the interior.

As we could not confirm that it was the same as C. sp. 'Lingga 19 - Platinum Line', my explorer friend decided to first term it as C. sp. 'Lingga 22'.

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