Thursday, November 19, 2009

C. sp. 'Singkep 6' natural habitat

The first location which we visited in Singkep Island was the habitat of what my explorer friend termed as C. sp. 'Singkep 6'. I was given a specimen with attached spathe a few months ago in August 2009 and it bloomed in my cultivation tank. Attached below are 2 previously taken photographs to highlight again how the spathe of this species looked like.

The natural habitat of C. sp. 'Singkep 6' was a small shallow stream along a small dirt path. Majority of the cryptocorynes were growing submersed in the stream.

Below are the close up shots of the submersed leaves of the cryptocoryne.

The pH of the water in the stream was about 5 or lower and the substrate of the stream consisted mainly of mud with horticulture debris.

I tried scooping for some fishes in the stream and managed to catch a Boraras maculatus for photo taking purpose.

You can see more details of the natural habitat of this species from my explorer friend's blog too.

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