Friday, November 27, 2009

A Morning in Pancur

Below are some photographs of the morning scene in Pancur. The hotel room was the largest one in the hotel with 2 beds and an attached toilet.

We found a large rhino beetle along the hotel corridor on our way out.

This is the place where people buy tickets to board to the ferry to Bintan Island every morning at 0715hrs. The hut housed a coffee shop which we had coffee and breakfast in.
These are the main streets along the river with shops on both sides of the river.

The great mountain of Lingga could be seen across the sea.

The fishing boat just returned to unload their catchings of the day. We were shocked to see what they had caught......

Below are some other random shots of Pancur.

These are ikan billis laid on the ground for drying. The shop owner told us that they would be exported to other areas, including Singapore.
It was a busy morning in Pancur.

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